Zero Balancing

I am trained in a hands-on therapy called Zero Balancing (ZeeBee) which aims to amplify well being and relaxation. It can be especially suitable for people who are uncomfortable with other forms of body work because the client remains fully clothed and the touch of ZB is attentive without force or insistence.

People find this a supportive and healing way of being touched and this way of working can work well alongside counselling. Zero Balancing can be very useful for helping adjust to change and to integrate the impact of new situations. It can also offer a greater sense of groundedness alongside offering support for postural problems such as tension headache, neck, shoulder and back pains.

'The body, in its infinite wisdom, knows its own way back to wholeness'. Eugene Gendlin writing about focusing and what makes therapy successful. He could equally well have been talking about Zero Balancing. 

ZB - a still point in a busy world.

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A YouTube video describing ZB and you'll find other YouTube clips there too!
'My ZB with Sue was wonderful! Beforehand I felt like I had been screwed up into a little ball, but throughout the session I felt layer after layer of tension lift off me. By the end of the session my whole body felt open, light, soft and relaxed - it felt back to the shape it is meant to be.' JC, Malvern.
'Zero Balancing is amazing, I just felt the tension lift out of me!' Lynda, Malvern

'it’s doing me good! I want to go back for more, as soon as we can arrange it. ZB gives me a real sense of wellbeing.'

For more information please have a look at the Zero Balancing Association website.

If you'd like to know more about Zero Balancing or to book a session please contact me on 07944394245 or email me by clicking on the link on the left.