What can I expect from Counselling?

As an experienced and qualified counsellor working in Malvern I offer a safe, confidential space for reflection and exploration of what you feel needs attention and of what I notice in our work together.  We'll work with what feels right for you and at a pace that's guided by you, with regular chances to check in and review how the work is going.  I'm there to support you and to encourage you to explore some of the places that may scare you - it's in the process of being alongside these painful and distressing emotions and thoughts that understanding and change can take place.

I always aim to listen without judging and to respond to you openly and honestly.  Together we will create an environment and a relationship where we can explore your feelings, bodily-felt sensations, beliefs and the ways in which you interact with others and with yourself.  This process can be challenging, especially if you choose to look deeply at what is happening in your internal world and how it has been shaped over time by the events and people  around you. Commitment and patience are required for the process of therapy as what is revealed may, at times, be painful as well as offering the potential for living a more fulfilled life. Therapy is not about giving advice, instead it's a collaborative process which challenges you to meet yourself and to explore what needs attention in order for change to happen.

Working creatively with images and symbols, including using pastels, pebbles and other materials alongside talking is an option if that is what feels useful to you.  Sometimes it can be hard to translate feelings into words, so colours, shapes, gestures or textures may describe a feeling more accurately at first - I've got some materials available to use and you may choose to bring drawings, writing or other forms of expression to your sessions with me.  We'll explore these expressions together which can be a surprisingly powerful way of working, sometimes allowing rapid access to emotions and to understanding.  I love this way of working as I find it liberating, surprising and dynamic so I like to offer it  as an option.

How can counselling help?

Whatever the reason that brings you to therapy, the process aims to provide a chance to explore your feelings, thoughts and beliefs and work towards living your life in a way which feels more fulfilling and engaging. At its simplest, being accepted as you are and listened to with careful attention and respect may begin the process of connecting with feelings and understanding thoughts and behaviours which can then enable you to make different choices and to explore long held beliefs. I work in a relational and embodied way deeply informed by Focusing. This is often a both gentle and powerfully effective way of being.

'Every bad feeling is potential energy towards a more right way of being if you give it space to move towards its rightness.' Eugene Gendlin.

Making an appointment

You might not be sure yet whether you definitely want to work with me. You can email or ring me to arrange to meet for a half hour initial consultation for which there is a charge of £15. This gives us both a sense of each other and whether we feel we can work together.  If you do then decide that counselling is the right step for you we'll make a clear agreement. You can, of course, decide that you'd like to start with a full-length session of 50 minutes - up to you to decide what suits you best.

Sessions usually last 50 minutes and how many you have will be dependent on what you want and on what we agree together.  


My fees are £48 per session.

Working Hours

My core working hours are:
Malvern: Monday, 1.00 pm - 7.30pm, Tuesday 1.30 pm - 7.30pm. Thursday 1- 6.15.
Other times are for video calling supervision, Focusing and my own supervision.
Therapy agreement 

Phone: 07944 394245