"We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to"

- Brené Brown -

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It may well have taken you some courage to get this far

Welcome to Sue Akehurst Counselling.
Currently working online & based in Worcester, Worcestershire.
I’m Sue, a senior accredited counsellor and EMDR practitioner with over 20 years of experience in working therapeutically, specialising in working with trauma and its after-effects.

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Counselling, EMDR and Supervision


The approach to counselling draws deeply on person centred, creative, expressive and body focused practices, including Tai Chi and embodied mindfulness. Moreover, Sue is happy to work short term where the focus is on resolving a specific issue, or longer term to understand and heal the roots of more deep-seated problems.


EMDR is a safe and effective way of healing past issues causing problems in the present. You don’t necessarily have to disclose what happened and you stay in control of the process at all times. Sue has completed specialist training in using EMDR to heal relational trauma and has found it to be profoundly moving, gentle and effective.


Additionally, Sue has been supervising counsellors since 2004 and brings her interests in working creatively, Focusing and mindfulness into the supervisory relationship alongside her grounding in the Person Centred Approach. Therapists she supervises work with adults and with young people. Therefore she aims to offer a high level of support alongside a high level of challenge to supervisees.
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The aim is to create a safe, confidential, reflective and challenging space in which the work of therapy can take place.
Therapy is about relationship, compassion, authenticity, presence and the challenge of meeting another person as truthfully and openly as I can, with the foundation of ongoing training, years of experience and a commitment to working effectively, openly and with integrity.
I work online online using Zoom or other encrypted video calling software.

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